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From Crickets to Clients - How I get clients from Social Media Marketing & You Can Too!

Access ALL the BEST Kept Secrets of Digital Marketers

What would it do for your career, business, or legacy if you were recognized as the go-to leader in your industry on social media?


This course doesn't exist yet. We're going to build it with you. We will take you through the entire process, step by step, holding your hand with a live coach for assistance. 


You'll be in a position where you can get consistent, freaking awesome results (clients, collaborations, influencer's attention, media attention, growth, etc) for your social media marketing efforts.


We then teach you how to leverage that position to take your career or business to the next level. This course is $3997, but since we are building it together, you get it for the special beta price, half off for $1997.


We look forward to working with you and taking your social media marketing to the next level!


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How I Became a Social Media Marketer Wizard

Hi, I’m your instructor, Sarah De La Coeur. Just a few short years ago, I was your typical, overwhelmed entrepreneur with a big vision and seemingly no way to achieve it. My cabinet company was struggling and ironically, the investments we were making in traditional marketing weren’t working out.

I decided to try something new. Social Media.

I listed the company everywhere online: directories, social media, back-links, etc. 

We started attracting clients through our online marketing efforts but they were the wrong kind. The nightmare type of clients if you know what I mean. 

I couldn’t believe it! Even though we were attracting 'clients from hell' (needy, cheap. want you to prove yourself first), in just 2-3 months we were attracting total strangers. These were people we had never met. And they came through social media with only 56 likes on Facebook and 289 followers on Instagram!


I thought it would take 1000’s of followers to get clients OR any results through social media marketing. Turns out, I was wrong. I reviewed our social media marketing efforts to figure out how was this happening. Why were we getting clients and WHY were we attracting the WRONG ones?

Then I made a critical change.

We started creating content that speaks to our target dream client. 

And what was I doing? We ran a cabinet company so I started creating content, answering the questions we commonly received from potential clients. These were the pains and frustrations people shared online about the cabinet buying and renovations process.

I wrote about the challenges of purchasing great quality cabinets and not having to sacrifice quality because of the price. Basically, teaching you how you can have your cake and eat it,

too. Because what’s the point of having cake if you can’t eat it?! I wrote about cabinets that last many years, and the kinds of cabinets that didn’t. I gave away secrets. Sometimes the content I created helped my business. Sometimes I steered business away from my company, but at least the audience knew I was being open and honest.

When I started creating juicy content like this, things exploded (in a good way).

  • CTV News contacted our company, wanting to feature our business FREE of charge -- they liked our content and wanted to share our story

  • We made $40,000 in sales in less than one month from clients that came through Instagram with ONLY 289 followers (and I didn't even use paid ads)!!!

  • A local magazine wanted to interview us, do a photo-shoot and feature our company in their next issue FREE of charge. They liked our content so much they wanted to share our story

  • We grew a wait-list of over 25 eager customers excited to do business with us

  • And all of the above contacted us and asked us for the sale or feature -- NOT the other way around!

Oh, and getting invited to attend The Government House Foundation’s Ball by the Lieutenant Governor of Victoria BC. This invite did not come through social media. However, when you take action in a bold, brave "tiger ice cream" kind of way, it gets you noticed -- the floodgates open with endless opportunities! 

A few years later, I ended up selling the cabinet company and entering a new career in Social Media Marketing as a consultant and service provider. 

Over this past year, I have been asked over 30 times to create a course that teaches everything I know to help others get results in their social media marketing efforts.

I turned them down.

I was busy running my marketing agency and creating content that converts for my clients. Helping other people build their personal brands by teaching a course was the last thing on my mind.

But then another person asked for a course with group coaching, then another, and more and more people started asking questions via email and social media. Regardless of whether they were experienced executives, business owners, freelancers or college students I gave them whatever advice I could until it became too much–I realized that either I had to turn people away and I did, or I had to come up with a scalable solution to help them.

I set out to make the secrets available to everyone on how to become a go-to leader in your industry in the online world, by creating a course called “From Crickets to Clients, How I get Clients Using Social Media Marketing and You Can Too."


The Course: Customized For You

I quickly saw that sharing content via social media or a detailed blog post wasn’t enough for many people. Sure, some may have previous experience sharing content on their social media platforms and all they need is a few answers to questions like “What should I post on social media? Or how can I grow my following?” But for others, the questions go deeper.


They ask questions like:

  • How can I best serve my target audience?

  • How can I provide value and content that converts my target market?

  • How can I stand out among all the noise on social media?

  • How can I be the go-to leader in my industry on social media?

  • How can I share my gifts with the world and make an impact?

  • How can I come up with a consistent plan of action?

  • How can I come up with strategies?

  • How can I find my target audience on social media?

  • How can I build an email list to increase value and conversions?

  • How can I systemize social media marketing so that it takes less time, is easy and gets results such as conversions on a consistent basis?

Then there are the questions many potential social media marketers/business owners aren’t asking, but should, like:

  • How can I develop a relationship with a potential customer ahead of time, so that when I pitch, it’s natural instead of awkward?

  • How can networking and engaging with other people help me and help them?

  • What is standing in the way of my customers getting what they want from my business?

And especially this question–once I stand out as a go-to leader, how do I leverage the position to build my business and/or my career on Social Media?

We’ve created an online course, or masterclass, that answers ALL these questions and many more. It includes a LOT of content but is easy to navigate to find exactly what you need. You get lifetime access to this content, which I and my team are constantly adding to.

Even if you’re already a marketer there’s a lot of value here. It’s the content I wish I had when I was starting, but it’s also the content I need today, and when I find it, I add it to the course material so you benefit.

The course content includes video lessons, checklists, and templates, along with meaningful, hands-on assignments. You’ll use this content as it serves you–you don’t need to watch every single video or read every document (although we recommend you at least review it all so you know what’s there and can make a bold impact).

In this course, we’ll teach you proven methods to get into influencing and making an impact.

Amongst other things, you'll learn:

  • How to become an influencer

  • How to build relationships that get your audience's attention

  • How to leverage your expertise and knowledge into captivating content

  • How to craft your content to serve and meet the needs of your clients at a high level

  • The strategies for creating the perfect subject line, caption, description, bio, and call-to-actions that gets readers to open your email inquiries, click on your stories and shared posts, read your bios and about story–and when to use them;

  • What content works (or doesn’t), using real examples, demystifying posts from an insider’s perspective

  • How to leverage each post to drive sustainable ROI

  • How to create content that builds your personal brand (and gets you paid speaking gigs, media opportunities, clients, etc)

  • How to simplify the process and “nitty-gritty” details (that seem second nature to a regular, but are overwhelming to a “newbie”); and…

  • The daily, weekly, and monthly habits that will enable you to generate a continuous stream of powerful brand- and influence-building content.

This learning curve isn’t easy, but the course will walk you through the process step-by-step so you can see exactly how I and others do it.


Plus, every one of the assignments will provide you with material that you will use to position yourself as the kind of focused, targeted go-to leader that others are desperate to have in their lives.

 Before you’re done with the first six weeks in our course you’ll have:

How does this work?

As part of the experience you'll get:

  • One on one voxer support 

  • Weekly group coaching strategy calls to help you implement and take action

  • Access to the Facebook group where you can ask questions, celebrate wins, join 30-day challenges, accountability, network, be inspired

  • Step by step process to kicking some serious ass and making an impact on social media

  • How-to videos, templates, tools, and systems I use in my agency and now you can have lifetime access too!

  • Over 40 hours with me

  • Accountability: have someone like me letting you know if you are doing social media right and how you can do better

  • 2 months - we build together, you are not alone on your social media marketing journey

  • Lifetime access, plus anything new I learn for myself and my team - I add to the course so you can benefit too


Join us!


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